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The artifacts are displayed in one long hallway in the former school building of the Nyarubuye church.

The memorial displays bones on several tables following the clothing display. Skulls are displayed in a series of display cases.

After visiting the French sites, the tour leads to additional rooms that display bones and clothing similar to other memorials such as Ntarama, Nyamata, and Nyarubuye.

The visitor can often see how the individual victim died. Many skulls contain damage inflicted by a machete, spear, or bullet entry. Horizontal cuts indicate machete wounds. Victims with circular wounds died from bullets or spears.

After exiting the sanctuary, the tour takes the visitor behind the church to the mass crypts. Visitors walk through the crypts, viewing shelves upon shelves of bones and coffins of identified remains. The walk through has an overwhelming feeling as…

Shelves of skulls and other bones rest inside the Ntarama church. The inflicted skull damage often illustrates just how the victims died. Many skulls are cut in a manner that indicates a machete blow. Other contain projectile wounds from artillery…

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Approximately 5,000 people died at Ntarama in mid-April 1994. The memorial displays exhumed bones on shelves placed at the back of the church.
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