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At the end of the artifact hallways lies a decapitated statue of the Virgin Mary. The Hutu killers thought the statue fitted the Tutsi Semitic racial stereotype, further demonstrating the legacy of the identity's racialization over the past century.…

Blood stains cover the Virgin Mary statue in the church. These stains can also be viewed on the ceiling and along the brick walls. A graphic detail to preserve, the presence of blood at these memorials bridges the gap between the past and present.

The Nyamata memorial displays recovered religious and secular artifacts at the church's altar. On one side rests the church's cross. Knives, machetes, Tutsi I.D. cards, and other weapons are displayed alongside the cross. On the other side of the…

Many Christian symbols and artifacts are preserved at Ntarama. Rosaries, crosses, and other Christian totems belonging to victims hang on display. Murals of the Crucifixion are still visible on the walls. Bibles and Sunday School books are also…

Church Pew at Ntarama
The empty church altar sits amongst coffins of identified victims.

Rwandan genocide memorials preserve the damage inflicted by perpetrators during the attacks. At Ntarama, Hutu militiamen first attacked Tutsi hidden in the church with grenades and artillery before entering the church. Visitors can see the damage…
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