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The Parliament building preserves the artillery damage from the genocide inflicted on the complex. The building is another symbolic reminder in the leading role of the genocide in political discourse.

The Habyarimana Presidential Palace preserves the plane crash site that took the lives of President Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira on April 6, 1994. The plane crashed onto the palace grounds. Parts of the plane are preserved.…

Located inside the former Ntarama Sunday School building, the memorial preserves the place where perpetrators smashed children against a brick wall. The memorial uses product to preserve the brain matter and blood stains. The stick resting near the…

Approximately 5,000 people died at Ntarama in mid-April 1994. The memorial displays exhumed bones on shelves placed at the back of the church.

The roof over the Ntarama church protects the church from further decay from weather. A memorial wall was constructed nearby, although most of the memorial name squares are empty. Identification is a difficult process at Rwandan massacre sites, a…
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